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Organisations are under increasing pressure from both regulatory bodies and consumers to ensure their practices meet sustainability requirements and to report and communicate their efforts genuinely.

But the number of regulations continues to grow (such as the introduction of the TCFD), and with 42% of sustainability claims considered to be greenwashing, consumer confidence is low.

hivve helps organisations capture their impact data as they go, storing all information centrally and supporting with verified evidence, while drawing on over a decade of experience and a global expert community.

From sustainability compliance to performance

Develop Understanding

Create an impact culture within your team and help educate your colleagues and senior leadership around the impact that matters to you – and how to capture and showcase it

Achieve Compliance

Use verified impact data to comply with a growing number of regulatory frameworks, such as IRIS, SASB, GRI, IR, GIIRS, or the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Boost Reputation

Improve your public image by showcasing sustainability progress with verified data, boost consumer and investor confidence, attract new talent and alleviate greenwashing concerns

Combining impact expertise and ImpactTech

Impact Expertise

Sustainability is complex and covers a wide range of different areas, such as economic, cultural, social and environmental. hivve has more than ten years of impact expertise, and through our ImpactAcademy and consultancy services you can develop understanding across your business, upskilling your teams and collectively identifying the impact that matters to you.

hivve products for developing impact expertise:

Capturing Verified Data & Evidence

With up to 42% of sustainability claims  considered to be greenwashing, the importance of verifying your sustainability data is paramount. ImpactTracker and EvidenceVault let you capture data as you go and assign evidence to support your claims; and our growing global community of impact experts can help identify the right impact and the best ways to capture this.

hivve products for data and evidence capture:

Compliance and Reporting

Sustainability frameworks continue to proliferate, but while examples such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can provide useful if optional ways to align your work, newer introductions such as the TCFD impose mandatory reporting requirements. ImpactTracker captures all data and evidence in one place – and provides a range of reporting templates.

hivve products for compliance and reporting:

Building Reputation

Your sustainability credentials are now essential across many areas of your business – from improving consumer confidence through attracting investment and new colleagues to staff retention. Beyond compliance, you can use our software and learnings to embed impact into your culture – and then leverage TrackImpact to share your exciting achievements with the world!

hivve products for building reputation:

Impact Expertise in Action 

We have worked with the Times Higher Education (THE) since 2018, providing the methodology and helping to launch the world’s first global Impact Rankings in 2019. Our pioneering work mapped impact indicators to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), creating a scalable framework to celebrate the best-in-class sustainability efforts from higher education institutions around the world. hivve currently sits on the THE Impact Rankings Steering Group and co-presents the Impact Rankings every year.

10+ Years of Impact Expertise and Technology

Prioritising Big Pharma IMpact

hivve’s sustainability ranking index, VV-Good Index, suggests companies should focus on monitoring the impact of their sustainability policies rather than simply recording raw data (2013)

Ranking Sustainability across Big Pharma

The first edition of the VV-Good Index in 2013 assessed data across the top 10 pharmaceutical companies according to their social, environmental and financial performance (today referred to as ESG).

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