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TrackImpact is a global research collaboration platform, helping changemakers share their impact and work together with like-minded individuals to speed up progress 

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Creating a Global Impact-Conscious Community Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The way we collaborate continues to change, and effective cooperation is vital for accelerating the world’s lagging sustainability goals.

However, collaboration is not equal – disadvantaged groups such as the Global South still disproportionately suffers from lack of recognition and prestige when it comes to impactful work and research.

TrackImpact provides an equal forum for changemakers around the world to publish their impactful projects, align these to the SDGs they address, and attract the collaboration they need to elevate their work.


Making Research Accessible for All

Global Community

Join our growing international community of individuals and organisations making an impact – and publish your work so it can be searched and filtered by impact type and level

Attract Collaboration

You never know where those with the right skills and resources are to help elevate your work – but makes it easy for them to find and request to collaborate with you

SDGs and Beyond

TrackImpact clearly displays the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) your projects are working towards – and helps users search and filter by the progress you are making

2022 TrackImpact Competition

In 2022 we announced the winners of the inaugural Project Competition. Across three categories, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) saw success in two – Most Overall Votes and Most Engaging Project –  with the University of Wollongong completing the honours for Most Outstanding Project.

Steps to Success with

Upload your impact data and evidence onto ImpactTracker

Using ImpactTracker and EvidenceVault as you go makes it simple to collect relevant, up-to-date impact data. With your projects uploaded and updated, all you need to do is click publish on those you wish to make public, and select any pieces of non-sensitive evidence you want to share with the world! Then you and (if applicable) your organisation will join our growing global community.

Start Collaborating

Visitors can now discover your project through the search and filter functionality – and if it matches their interests and skills, they can quickly request to collaborate with you on it. You’ll get a notification and can approve or reject the request – then begin combining forces to scale up the impact of your work.

Keep Updating your projects

The more dynamic your project, the higher the chance it will stand out, boosting reputation and increasing the likelihood of receiving collaboration requests. You can continually add items of evidence and update your milestones, project information and more to keep you at the forefront of impact in the global community.

The world’s global collaboration platform

Instant Publishing

All you need to do is get your project onto ImpactTracker, then you can choose to make it public with just a matter of clicks – and select any public items of evidence.

Comprehensive Search & Filter

Users can utilise the search and filter features to identify projects that matter to them, based on criteria such as SDG, impact type or region.

Dynamic Updates

Continually updating your data and evidence ensures that your project remains attractive and keeps returning users interested in your impact progress.

SDG Alignment

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework is a global standard, and makes it easy to align each of your projects to the SDGs they address.

Build Impact Profiles

As you publish more of your impact work, you can start to build your impact CV/resume and profile through, supporting your reputation.

Impact Milestones

Make it simple for viewers to understand the progress you are making through the impact milestones widget, which visualises the next major step on your journey.


Gather data across your organisation and benchmark teams and projects against impact and SDG targets, helping to monitor progress as you go.


Unsubstantiated impact claims and greenwashing cast a shadow over sustainability reporting; TrackImpact lets you publicly demonstrate evidence for your work.

Secure and Trusted

The ImpactEcosystem is trusted by organisations to handle sensitive data around the world. Our processes are audited to compliance with ISO 27001, the highest international standard for data security, and the ImpactTracker module is approved for procurement through the UK Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

2022 Project Competition



Early in 2022, we canvassed our international community to vote for their favourite projects that are posted onto the Global Collaboration Platform! enables our clients to post their exciting impact projects into the public domain, improve their reputation and attract collaboration. Learn more about the uses of the platform from some of the winners below:



By gathering the most votes internationally, LJMU was crowned the overall winner for this category.

Alongside Ask, Listen, Act, many exciting impact projects garnered recognition throughout the competition, including several from the Face Lab.

Watch our interview with Emily Walker, Impact Officer at LJMU to learn more about the projects and her experiences of the role and overcoming impact challenges!


The winning team conducted Ask, Listen, Act across a range of schools in Liverpool, analysing the impact of the pandemic on children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and delivering priorities for policy and practice to support recovery going forward.

Learn more about the effects of the pandemic on learning and how the project helped, as we are joined by Libby and Charlie at Liverpool Hope School, and Dr Emma Ashworth and Dr Joanna Kirkby from Liverpool John Moores University.

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