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A World-Class Training Platform, Taking You from Beginner to Expert Impact Knowledge

The first step in your journey is to understand what impact is, and what it means to you.

However, with so many different types of impact – social, cultural, economic and environmental to name just a few – it can be difficult to gain the understanding you need to start measuring and reporting.

ImpactAcademy provides a comprehensive learning suite to help with your impact knowledge, from individual or site-wide CPD-accredited courses through to dedicated consultancy and training.


Improve your impact understanding

CPD-accredited eLearning

Choose the courses right for you and your organisation – and raise your impact understanding, from beginner to advanced level, while gaining certification along the way

Impact Resources

Gain access to a wide range of impact resources, including dedicated deep-dive sessions via video and written resources to support your development of impact knowledge

Impact Training

Our team of global impact experts are on-hand to support with the rollout of new impact services, providing you with full understanding to empower and grow your team’s impact expertise

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1. What is Research Impact? 

  • What is impact and why is it important?
  • How was the field of research impact developed over the years?
  • How is research impact significant to national frameworks and funding applications?

2. Identifying Impact 

  • What are the different components of impact?
  • How does impact relate to different stakeholders, outcomes, impact activities and indicators?
  • How do I take the first steps in creating my impact narrative?

3. Evidencing Impact through Engagement

  • What are the basics of evidence gathering and acquiring stakeholder evidence?
  • How do I gather evidence and feedback?
  • How do I engage with my key stakeholders throughout the research process?

4. Developing a compelling impact narrative

  • What does a compelling impact narrative look like?
  • How does impact relate to different stakeholders, outcomes, impact activities and indicators?
  • How do I feel confident about identifying good impact narratives and start writing my own?

Four-Course Bundle

  • Purchase all four courses in a single package and enjoy a discounted price.


All four of the ImpactAcademy eLearning courses are CPD-accredited – meaning you will gain a certification from completing each of them, with four in total available!

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