Optimising your Impact Case Studies (ICS)

ImpactReviewer helps organisations and individuals to maximise the quality of their Impact Case Studies (ICS) and optimises the ICS review process

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Augmenting Collaboration and Peer Review with Automation for Better Case Studies

Impact does not occur in isolation – and nor do the best Impact Case Studies.

Your case studies should tell a compelling, concise narrative, supported by evidence and improved through an iterative peer review process, but impact is complex – and so is managing this process under time duress.

ImpactReviewer centralises your impact data and evidence, giving you a single space to develop narratives and augment these with proof, and automates the peer review process to improve quality and efficiency.


Impact Case Studies, simplified

One home for impact data

As part of the ImpactEcosystem family of products, ImpactReviewer makes it easy to draw on your existing data and evidence and construct your case study narratives in a centralised environment, improving production speed

Process Automation

Everyone involved in the peer review process is already busy, so reducing the administration burden on all parties is a must. Moderated feedback is automatically provided in stages to simplify the entire process

Improving Quality

High-quality Impact Case Studies can be the difference between getting the funding and reputational increments you need – so by streamlining all constituent elements, you can maximise the quality of narrative and evidence

What is an Impact Case Study?

An Impact Case Study (ICS) is a document produced by individuals and organisations to demonstrate the impact of their work. Although there are variations in form and structure depending on where the ICS is required, an Impact Case Study typically consists of a limited number of pages, and includes a narrative statement and evidence to support the impact that is claimed.

Steps to Success with ImpactReviewer

Gather your Impact data and evidence

Whether you’re using ImpactReviewer completely independently and utilising data and evidence collected separately, or making life easier and benefitting from the ImpactTracker and EvidenceVault modules within our Ecosystem, you’ll need a solid base before you commence narrative building for your Impact Case Studies. Claims need to be supported as well as possible.

Draft your impact narrative

With the basics in place, you can begin crafting your impact story. ImpactReviewer provides a range of pre-built templates with sections appropriate for different frameworks – such as the REF in the higher education sector – but these can be fully customised to meet any requirements. Begin drafting and save as you go – and import/export along the way as suits you.

Automate the review workflow

Peer review can take place over many stages, so by containing your impact case studies in ImpactReviewer, you can easily save drafts and distribute to those responsible for providing feedback at any stage. This is then collated and returned so you can respond and make the appropriate updates, before moving to the next stage – and ultimately closing and exporting the final product.

Secure and Trusted

The ImpactEcosystem is trusted by organisations to handle sensitive data around the world. Our processes are audited to compliance with ISO 27001, the highest international standard for data security, and the ImpactTracker module is approved for procurement through the UK Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

ImpactTracker was a finalist in the 2021 Computing Digital Technology Leaders’ Awards for Best Mid-Sized Project; it was also a runner-up in the 2021 Hidden REF Awards.


Customers Feeling the Buzz

“ImpactReviewer worked really well – it provided consistency across our case studies”

“IR’s review process made for a fairer analysis of case studies”

“The product formalises feedback processes and is therefore accepted better by academics”

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