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Verified, Real-Time Impact Data & Automation for Authentic Sustainability Reports

In an era of high-profile mismanagement of funds and increasing scrutiny around greenwashing, greenhushing, greenlighting and other forms of sustainable obfuscation, you need to ensure that you can track your impact and showcase the authentic change your funding makes.

However reporting on the impact of funding and charitable activities is a notoriously lengthy and challenging process.

hivve’s ImpactEcosystem accelerates this by providing a standardised and centralised framework for verified impact data, and a full audit trail of your funding and how it contributes towards a sustainable future.


Standardising impact reporting

Verified Impact Data

Ensure that the impact data feeding into your reports is supported by appropriate evidence and can be tracked through an audit trail, to avoid greenwashing concerns

Standardised Framework

With all impact data captured in a single location, and export functionality within the ImpacEcosystem already live, you can automate time-consuming aspects of reporting 

Global Impact Database

Grow your reputation further as the projects you support are part of a global community, with clear progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Simplifying and amplifying the impact of your funding

Impact in Funding Applications

Preparing and planning for impact helps lay the foundation for tracking, understanding and optimising the overall impact. Learn more about types of impact through our ImpactAcademy and extensive set of indicators within ImpactTracker, and apply this understanding to funding applications to make sure you know how to guide future applicants in the best way.

hivve products for impact preparation:

Improved Assessment Tools

You need to be sure that the projects you are funding will provide genuine impact. By utilising the internationally proven frameworks of ImpactTracker, you can begin tracking understanding the most appropriate types of metric; and ImpactReviewer provides a comprehensive framework for automating the review and assessment of applications.

hivve products for impact assessment:

Automation and Reporting

It can take tens of thousands of hours to produce verified impact accounts for charities and funders. ImpactTracker enables the recipients of your funding to collect impact data and evidence as their projects go, with reports automatically generated within the product. You can quickly gain a high-level overview of associated projects and rapidly generate reports.

hivve products for automation & reporting:

Global Impact Community

All institutions and individuals receiving your funding can join our global community, where they become searchable and filterable. By tagging you as their funder, it becomes easy for people around the world to understand what the social, economic, cultural and environmental impact of your funding is, and how it contributes towards factors such as the UN’s SDGs.

hivve products for impact community:

Supporting Social Enterprise Since 2012

Access to finance and reporting to stakeholders have long been critical components of impact within organisations. Learn more about the origins of hivve’s work with supporting purpose-driven organisations in achieving their sustainability ambitions.

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