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ImpactTracker provides a world-leading, unified interface for capturing, analysing, understanding and reporting your social, economic, environmental and cultural impact

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A Product Evolved to Help You Collect, Manage, Verify and Report on Impact Data

Understanding impact is tricky enough – but having to go through the laborious process of gathering evidence, managing and verifying your data, and then demonstrating this in any number of formats can be several steps too far.

Fortunately, ImpactTracker was built with these challenges in mind, and evolved to make the user experience of managing impact data and evidence as streamlined as possible.

Taking the burden out of showing the impact that matters to you is a really important step on your journey to impact enlightenment.


World-leading software for impact management

Plan, capture, report

ImpactTracker provides the tools and templates you need to plan for impact, capture and verify data and evidence, and export your stories into ready-made templates, for needs such as national assessments or your own reports  

Enhanced Collaboration

With all information stored centrally within the platform, you can securely share and collaborate on various aspects of your impact – from evidence through data to case studies – across teams or even at an organisational level 

Scaling Impact

ImpactTracker is a cloud solution under continual development as part of the ImpactEcosystem, and can scale up and down with your organisation – as well as providing a future-proofed impact management solutions

Case Study: Brunel University London

Brunel University London uses ImpactTracker to centralise how it captures impact evidence, storing 500+ different items of “social, cultural, environmental and economic research impact evidence… over many years, across multiple interlinked projects [which adds] complexity and the need for timely intervention” and supporting 59 Impact Case Studies that were submitted to the 2021 edition of the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Steps to Success with ImpactTracker

Plan and Prepare Properly

Whether you’re starting from scratch with an impact project, or importing your existing work, use ImpactTracker’s project wizard to quickly set up the basics – and map the impact you want to track onto our set of 2500+ indicators. The wizard also helps identify the appropriate UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that you want to track against.

Begin capturing your data and evidence

Once your project is set up, you and your colleagues can immediately begin capturing data on the metrics that matter to you. Meanwhile the EvidenceVault module provides you with the tools to rapidly capture proof as you go, storing this into a central secure repository and associating it to appropriate projects in seconds, so it can be called upon by your team when needed.

Export and Report

Depending on your sector and role, you will be required to produce a variety of impact and sustainability reports, as well as submitting data to a wide range of portals for frameworks, regulations and rankings. With all your data and evidence stored centrally, ImpactTracker simplifies this process, enabling you to select and quickly export into the right format.

An Impact Management System Ten Years in the Making

Dynamic Impact Capture

Impact is always in flux – and Tracker enables you and your team to continously capture information as you go, with results automatically reflected in reporting.

Secure Data & Evidence Capture

Our processes are adherent to the highest international data standard – ISO 27001 – giving you confidence in capturing even sensitive information on the platform.

Role-Based Hierarchy

Configure your users and administrators to the requirements of your institution and enable access and sharing between appropriate colleagues.

Import & Export

Make the most of your existing information and progress by eliminating duplication through intuitive import/export and integration functionality.

Extensive Integrations

Utilise our wide range of off-the-shelf Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect to your research and information resources – or request custom integration.

Varied Reporting Options

Either export into text-based formats or visualise your impact data through automated graphical chart generation options.


Gather data across your organisation and benchmark teams and projects against impact and SDG targets, helping to monitor progress as you go.


ImpactTracker forms part of our family of solutions – the ImpactEcosystem – enabling sharing and collaboration of information between interfaces and individuals. 

Secure and Trusted

The ImpactEcosystem is trusted by organisations to handle sensitive data around the world. Our processes are audited to compliance with ISO 27001, the highest international standard for data security, and the ImpactTracker module is approved for procurement through the UK Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

ImpactTracker was a finalist in the 2021 Computing Digital Technology Leaders’ Awards for Best Mid-Sized Project; it was also a runner-up in the 2021 Hidden REF Awards.


Customers Feeling the Buzz

ImpactTracker is one of a kind.

It is a key tool to help you monitor impact over a long period of time. Vertigo Ventures (hivve) are also a great company to work with.

Ellen Nicholson

Coordinator Social Action & Research Centre, Anglicare Tasmania

Impact has taken on increasing importance during my time at the University. Initially, the focus was one of raising awareness and basic impact literacy across a broad base of academic and support colleagues. Central to this was encouraging members of staff to engage with the ImpactTracker and use it as part of their everyday activities.

Gary Fairclough

Impact Officer, University of Central Lancashire

VV’s ImpactTracker platform has allowed me to save vital evidence to clearly demonstrate the impact of the project, and, it has also helped me to map out and assess the nature of that impact in terms of stakeholders. Had it not been available to me when the project began, I doubt I would be in such a strong position now.

Dr Emma vickers

Senior Lecturer in History, Liverpool John Moores University

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