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Empowering people around the world with authentic impact data to inspire change
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hivve is the global leader in verified impact data.

Our team and technology help you identify the impact that matters to you, then introduce ways to make capturing data and evidence easy and more robust. Then compliance becomes much simpler, and you can focus on what’s important – improving your sustainability performance, growing your engagement and boosting your impact.

International Impact Experts


Our team has been at the forefront of impact since 2009, helping guide higher education establishments through best practice as their impact reporting requirements evolved at pace. As we continue to grow internationally, we are bringing these skills and unique experience to further sectors, helping individuals and organisations to manage their impact with authentic, verified data, to avoid greenwashing claims and to comply with increasingly stringent regulations.

We believe that quality people are essential to continued success, and have assembled an expert team around the world in fields from academia and impact management through to SaaS growth specialists, technology innovators and highly-experienced business managers.

Laura Tucker, CEO



Robust impact reporting for success and sustainability is at the core of our belief system at hivve.

By enabling the systematic measurement, analysis and reporting of impact we believe that we are contributing to a more sustainable world because future investment decisions can then be directed towards further positive impact.

To embed impact reporting globally is our key purpose. By enabling the measurement of impact we believe we are contributing to a more sustainable world.

As impact experts with over 10 years of experience, we continue to lead conversations about impact, support organisations to embed impact reporting and deliver cutting edge technology solutions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We look forward to enabling more people and organisations to identify, validate and showcase their social, environmental and economic impact so that we can all live in a better, more sustainable world.
Let’s drive prosperity but not at the expense of the environment or society.

Laura Tucker

Tales from the Archivve – an Abridged History


hivve’s journey began in 2009, and evolved from Vertigo Ventures – which should answer your questions on the double v.

Initially we worked with social enterprises to help report the benefits of their work before moving into the pharmaceutical space to assist with sustainability benchmarking. Next we launched our flagship SaaS product, ImpactTracker, in 2014 to support the nascent regulatory requirements around impact in the higher education sector.

The adoption of impact reporting grew rapidly within the higher education space. It now features heavily in many government-led assessments around the world, such as the United Kingdom and Hong Kong where it is directly linked to funding for universities and research institutions, Australia where it is vital to securing national reputation, and Norway and Sweden, where it plays a formative role in changing institutional ways of working.

This highly-regulated environment created a host of challenges for higher education – suddenly they needed to facilitate culture change, introduce impact-first thinking, and collect huge volumes of relevant evidence to prove their impact claims. Working with our clients, we developed the core ImpactEcosystem technology to make this entire process as simple, secure and reliable and possible. In this time we have also developed an extensive taxonomy of impact indicators, helping you to select and track the metrics that matter to you.

The success of this model led to our deployment of this technology in countries around the world, and now we are applying these learnings around managing impact in highly-regulated environments to corporate sectors.

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