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Many people do not yet fully understand impact; it is often seen as a new regulatory requirement, and the complex relationship between your activities and the social, economic, environmental or cultural impact can be difficult to understand and manage.

Dealing with this level of complexity, and constant change over time, causes all kinds of challenges – especially when you have a day job to do that doesn’t include measuring every aspect of your impact.

To this end, hivve provides a range of technological and consultative solutions that takes the hard lifting out of measuring impact, freeing you and your teams up to continue to do your great work.




The ImpactEcosystem is hivve’s pioneering suite of solutions that empowers you to understand, capture, measure, analyse and report your impact; to take your teams from compliance to performance.

One-Stop Impact Shop

We have developed the ImpactEcosystem in partnership with clients and partners over the course of more than a decade. Its modular approach enables customers to manage the elements of impact that matter to them – whether that’s training, capturing, supporting with evidence, or aligning to the right frameworks.


The ImpactEcosystem is underpinned by a unique taxonomy of 3,000 impact indicators, giving users the breadth they need to capture and measure all sorts of complex impact over time. The taxonomy also provides helpful suggestions for aligning your work to frameworks such as the UN SDGs an enables consistent reporting.


Impact should be a positive part of your work – and it should be fun for you and your team to collect as you go. Whether through our APIs that connect to your existing systems, or tools that help capture evidence and data in seconds, the Ecosystem makes impact management more efficient.

Secure and Trusted

The ImpactEcosystem is trusted by organisations to handle sensitive data around the world. Our processes are audited to compliance with ISO 27001, the highest international standard for data security, and the ImpactTracker module is approved for procurement through the UK Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

The ImpactEcosystem


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