4. Developing a Compelling Impact Narrative

This is the fourth and final course in a 4-course pathway to learning how to ‘Identify, Evidence and Narrate Research Impact’. It is the culmination of what you’ve learned in the previous courses as you look at what a compelling impact narrative looks like. You will learn more about the narrative and adequately showing reach and significance. We also share a useful checklist for writing a compelling impact narrative. This course should help you feel more confident about identifying good impact narratives and more comfortable with starting to write your own.

This course is CPD accredited.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructor

hivve hivve Author

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The ‘Identifying Impact’ course is the second in the pathway to learning how to ‘Identify, Evidence and Narrate Research Impact’. It is one of the prerequisites to doing the course on ‘Developing a Compelling Impact Narrative’.

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  • Syllabus

    • Getting Started
      • Welcome
      • Goals
    • Narrative
      • Introduction
      • Language and Narrative Techniques
      • Linking Research and Impact
      • Impact Summary
      • The Impact Story
    • Evidence
      • What do We Need to Evidence?
      • Evidencing Reach
      • Evidencing Significance
      • Bringing Evidence into the Narrative (Exercise)
    • Practice
      • Checklist
      • Exercise 1
      • Exercise 1 Suggested Answer
      • Exercise 2
      • Exercise 2 Answer
    • Wrap up
      • Top Tips
      • Conversation with Impact Officers4
      • Test Your Knowledge!
      • What’s Next?