Webinar: Planning for Impact in VV-IT (UK)

Oct 30, 2019 | webinar

On 13 November at noon (UK time), Vertigo Ventures will run a webinar for UK VV-Impact Tracker clients on “Planning for Impact in VV-IT”. This webinar will cover how to create Pathway to Impact statements and how VV-Impact Tracker can be used in creating these. The session will be run by Kristy, our Training Manager, and supported by Lucy Davies, our Product Manager.

You can register for the webinar on Zoom via this link up to 24 hours before the webinar start time.


The webinar will last for approximately 45 minutes and will cover the following:

– Brief introduction to research impact
– Embedding Impact in the Project Lifecycle
– (UKRI) Pathway to Impact Statements
– Impact mapping
– A run through of VV-Impact Tracker and how it can be used for planning
– Q&A


1. To understand the key principles behind what makes a good impact summary and pathway to impact statement
2. To understand how to start embedding impact in your research project life cycle
3. To feel comfortable using VV-Impact Tracker to plan for your impact

Speaker background

Kristy Evers is our Training Manager. She is the key contact for all training and support related queries at Vertigo Ventures and often spends her time travelling across the country delivering training on VV-IT and impact in general. Kristy has a background in education research and educational technology.

Dr. Lucy Davies is our Product Manager. She is in charge of the continuing and future development of VV Impact Tracker, so she is the person to answer any questions around the product. Lucy has extensive experience in research impact and is passionate about encouraging and helping researchers to make their work matter in the world outside academia.