Now CPD Certified! Our E-Learning courses

Mar 26, 2020 | Blog, News


We would like to announce that all four of our E-Learning courses are now CPD accredited!

Our extensive experience within the industry, as well as first-hand knowledge of impact tracking enables us to have a unique database of relevant information. We provide comprehensive training to a range of institutions globally. We help to inform institutions on how best to plan, track and record the impact of research.

Our aim is to help to portray the impact of research as best as possible. We want to give you the tools to achieve compelling impact narratives.

One way in which we are ensuring that our training courses keep up with our global impact communities’ needs, is through our four CPD certified online courses on research impact.

These courses give an overview on how to address impact planning and reporting, in addition to the specific applications in each area.

The Continued Professional Development (CPD) accreditation reflects the quality of our e-learning courses provided by meeting external quality standards. This reflects our commitment to ensuring the high quality of our training material, while enabling participants to use the training for their CPD requirements.

Our four online CPD courses:

CPD E-learning impact courses

You can find us on the CPD website.