RAE 2020 Research Analysis

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RAE 2020 Research Analysis
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Analysing Research Impact in Hong Kong’s
RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) 2020

This report, a joint effort by Vertigo Ventures and collaborators, is based on the consolidated analysis of the 264 “world leading” (4*) and “internationally excellent” (3*) Impact Case Studies (ICS) submitted to the RAE 2020 by the 8 UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong.

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Mary Ho

This report shows that there is excellent work being carried out by institutions across Hong Kong, but that there are still plenty of ways to further adapt and improve impact – whether that’s making engagement as inclusive as possible, planning ahead for long-term impact, or building impact culture within units of assessments or departments.

Now the UK’s REF 2021 results are out, we have more information than ever to understand the trajectory of global impact, and learn from both exercises in improving the processes around how we understand and assess research impact.

Mary Ho

Impact Officer, Vertigo Ventures


Increase Knowledge


What types of impact outcomes have been submitted, and what pathways have been taken?

Impact Collaboration


What are the time lags between underpinning research and impact outcomes exampled in the impact case studies?



What quantitative data (for inputs and/or outcomes) can be extracted and synthesised from the impact case studies e.g. commercialisation revenue, visitor numbers?



According to the impact case studies, what types of research users benefit from the research, and to what extent?

High-Level Statistics

public impact case studies analysed from 345 submitted TO RAE 2020

‘world leading’ (4*) or ‘internationally excellent’ (3*) impact case studies

year time lag ON AVERAGE for research to have an impact on society

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