New Product Manager joins the team

Sep 20, 2018 | Blog, News

New Product Manager joins the team

Vertigo Ventures is delighted to welcome Dr. Lucy Davies to the team as the new Product Manager for our VV-Impact Tracker software.

Lucy is passionate about encouraging and helping researchers to make their work matter in the world outside academia, and, enabling them to track and evidence their impact.  She has a research background in computational neuroscience and applied health research, and, is also involved in supporting the creative sector through her role as a Visual Arts Plymouth Activator and in her own creative practice. In her previous role as Research Impact Officer, at the University of Plymouth, she supported and encouraged researchers at all stages of their careers to engage with non-academic audiences and maximise their economic, societal and community impact.

At Vertigo Ventures, Lucy will manage the continuing and future development of VV Impact Tracker. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding VV-Impact Tracker please email

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