Join Us at the AESIS Impact of Science Conference 2021!

Jun 10, 2021 | Blog, events, National Assessments, research

Vertigo Ventures (VV) is exhibiting as a partner at this year’s AESIS Impact of Science Conference, hosted from Cape Town, South Africa.

The annual event takes place in 2021 from Wednesday 23rd June to Friday 25th June and focuses on the Transformative Power of Research. Each year the conference draws a range of science impact professionals to discuss how to evaluate and improve the impact of science on our global society.

Client Success Manager Emily Hill, CEO Laura Tucker and CRO Bob Fedorciow will represent the business over the three days. They will discuss collaborative approaches to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the technological strategies clients are adopting to improve cross-sector working and speed up progress towards the SDG target of 2030.

This year’s event takes place in a context of heightened global impact focus. Only last month VV conducted an impact survey to assess the current impact landscape. Initial findings shed interesting light on global perceptions of how organisations are performing against the SDG targets. The conference’s focus on national impact frameworks is also timely; the UK’s higher education sector has completed its submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, whereas the Hong Kong Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) results were published several weeks ago.

With this in mind, the team will also look forward to exploring opportunities and learnings from these initiatives.

Additional themes over the three days include:

  • Advancing a research impact agenda for inclusive development
  • Models, approaches for the development of a research impact agenda
  • National impact evaluation frameworks, citizen-based monitoring of impact, demonstrating effectiveness of impact on the SDGs, the role of AI and Big Data
  • Promoting coherence about impact within the science eco-system
  • Collaboration & engagement for impact of science
  • The road towards evidence- informed policy making

If you are yet to register, you can do so on the AESIS website.

Photo by KYLE CUT MEDIA on Unsplash


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