Impact in Action #5 – Cholderton Estate

Jun 21, 2022 | Blog, webinar

On the 12th July 2022 at 2PM GMT, our fifth Impact in Action will look into how a farm in Wiltshire, UK is using innovative techniques to produce food in a sustainable manner, while keeping water and the air clean.

The session will be hosted by Merrick Denton-Thompson, Project Director at Cholderton Estate.

Cholderton Estate is a pilot project, in collaboration with partners from Cranfield University through the Wildlife Trust to the County Council, that is already driving impact in demonstrating how sustainable farming can be achieved. Clean water, clean air and restored nature go hand-in-hand with the production of food; no nitrous oxide is emitted, no groundwater is polluted, carbon is sequestered in a way that secures fertility and makes Cholderton one of the richest estates for biodiversity in the country.

Learn more about the project on by clicking here, and sign up to the event by following this link.