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Introducing Impact Skills into Research Culture
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31/08/2022 10am HKT

Webinar Summary

iesResearch and Vertigo Ventures would like to invite you to join us on Wednesday 31st August at 10am HKT for a webinar on Introducing Impact Skills into Research Culture.

Research impact continues to grow in prominence worldwide. Initiatives such as the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings are now used as a source of international prestige by institutions that perform well, with 1524 universities around the world submitting to the 2022 edition.

Meanwhile, in places such as Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Poland, academic and research institutions are now required to demonstrate their impact beyond academia – specifically, how their work affects society, culture, the environment, the economy and more. In the UK, 6,781 impact case studies were submitted to the REF 2021 national assessment, which directly impacts the amount of funding these institutions will be able to receive.

This momentum shows no sign of slowing down, with many Asian universities featuring highly in the most recent THE Rankings. Before long you will need to introduce the concept of impact to researchers and academics who are already heavily burdened with their day-to-day activities.

We have been working with institutions to support their impact goals for over a decade, and we know how challenging this cultural transition can be, from planning through to providing evidence of impact. This webinar introduces you to real-world examples of best practice and effective strategies for embedding impact into research culture.

Please find the agenda and our speakers list below:


Time Session Speaker(s)
10:00-10:10 HKT Welcome and Introductions
An introduction to iesResearch and Vertigo Ventures, and outline of the day’s session.
Iris Hsu, Consultant, iesResearch
Laura Tucker, CEO, Vertigo Ventures
10:10-10:45 HKT Research Impact in Hong Kong and the RAE 2020
Hong Kong’s assessment, RAE, introduced an impact component for the first time in its 2020 cycle. In this session, Mary explores the challenges this posed to research culture, and how she worked to introduce impact-first thinking across the institution.
Mary Ho, Impact Officer, Vertigo Ventures
10:45-11:05 HKT Embedding Impact into the Research Workflow
Efforts to quantify research impact could capture what can be easily counted and not what matters. This presentation shares a simple case study to illuminate this challenge in the process of impact evidencing at each stage: engaging, capturing, and evaluating. It highlights the importance of the clearly defined impact objectives right at the beginning of a research project and the essential need to follow through with the objective evidence.
Woei Fuh Wong, Consultant, iesResearch
11:05-11:10 HKT Coffee Break
A brief comfort interlude before the final sessions of the morning.
11:10-11:45 HKT Learnings from the Engagement & Impact Assessment
Australia introduced an assessment of research impact for the first time in 2018. As institutions work towards the upcoming 2024 EIA, Claudia shares with us the key learnings from the first assessment, and how these are informing preparations for the next edition.
Claudia Arango, Deputy Director, Research Policy, Griffith University
11:45-12:00 HKT Closing Remarks and Next Steps
The final session of the morning looks back at the key learnings and how you can start to prepare for impact in your own institution.
Iris Hsu, Consultant, iesResearch
Laura Tucker, CEO, Vertigo Ventures

Our Speakers

Claudia Arango

Deputy Director Research Policy at Griffith University

Claudia Arango Photo

Claudia is the Deputy Director Research Policy in the Office for Research at Griffith University in Queensland Australia. One of the key responsibilities of Claudia’s role is the University’s impact agenda as well as research policy, performance analytics and compliance.

In her role, Claudia manages the Excellence in Research for Australia and Engagement and Impact submissions, Australian Government evaluations of the quality of universities research. Griffith has been on a trajectory to be recognised as a comprehensive, research intensive university, and Claudia in her positions at Griffith in the last 9 years has supported the University leadership and high performing researchers leaders with guidance regarding research impact including metrics, benchmarking and more recently societal impact.

Claudia’s active and highly specialised research in marine biodiversity and evolutionary biology: Claudia is one of a handful of world experts in sea spiders, gives her a complete understanding of the research landscape, the pressures as well as the current opportunities to diversify funding and promote research projects while engaging end users and stakeholders.

Currently Claudia has a small team responsible for coordinating the Pathways to Impact Program at Griffith. The Program has specific aims and includes key actions like supporting researchers with tools and resources to understand, define and plan their impact pathways.

Claudia was awarded her PhD in Australian in 2002 and spent a couple of years as post doctoral fellow at the American Museum of Natural History in New York to then return to Australia to pursue several research projects. In 2013 Claudia joined the Office for Research at Griffith and since then has been passionate about understanding and analysing the excellence and impact of academic research.

Laura Tucker

CEO at Vertigo Ventures

Laura Tucker Profile Pic

Laura Tucker founded Vertigo Ventures in 2009 to address the growing need for universities and research institutions to be able to demonstrate the impact of their work.

Since then she has spearheaded the company’s international expansion, helping cross-disciplinary stakeholders from Europe through Asia to Oceania to better understand, collaborate on and showcase their research impact.

Laura directs the overall direction of the company’s ImpactEcosystem, a family of solutions that help organisations embark on their impact journey. Users begin with the ImpactAcademy eLearning programme and continue with ImpactTracker, a proprietary SaaS solution for capturing, analysing, understanding and demonstrating the social, environmental and economic impacts of organisational activities.

Mary Ho

Impact Officer at Vertigo Ventures

Mary Ho

Mary Ho is an Impact Officer and SDG specialist, who currently teaches strategic management and sustainable business-related courses at British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada.

Her career has taken her around the world, previously teaching undergraduate courses including Business Ethics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Woei Fuh Wong

Consultant at iesResearch

Woei Fuh Wong

Woei Fuh Wong has diverse experience that extends over three decades from a researcher to an engineer and later, an information specialist. During his 10 years with Web of Science commencing in 2004, he actively engaged with researchers and academics in the Asia Pacific region, resolving their challenges of bibliometric insights and research assessment.

In 2015, Woei Fuh started a consulting firm in Singapore and founded a research program, Research 123, preparing young researchers with future research skills. His consultancy work focuses on three areas: Research Visibility; Research Impact based on UN SDG (United Nation’s Sustainable
Development Goals); and Research Commercialization.

He holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Technology from the University of Manchester, UK, and a MBA from Louisville University, USA.


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