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Understand, manage and meet the ever-growing regulatory demands around impact
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Navigate the Manifold Challenges of Responding to Impact-Driven Regulation

The explosion of research impact around the world has introduced a new dimension of challenge around conducting research.

Institutions are expected to showcase their sustainability credentials – but busy research teams rarely have the time or knowledge to consider and capture the impact of their activities as they go.

Whether you need to improve your impact reporting for compliance or funding purposes, want to upskill colleagues in impact and frameworks such as the SDGs, or seek to increase efficiency around impact data verification and evidence collection, our team and technology can help.


From planning through execution to reporting

Develop Understanding

From emerging frameworks such as the TCFD to annual reports – the number of impact areas you need to cover can be overwhelming. hivve helps you to understand your impact

Gather evidence and Verify Data

Compliance requires consistency, so it is important to continue to gather relevant data and evidence on your impact as you go. Our technology helps integrate this process into day-to-day activities

Maximise Your Work

The crucial part is that you are already creating an impact – now it is a case of gathering data on your existing work

Solve all your impact challenges

OPTIMISING Impact Case Studies

Producing high-quality Impact Case Studies (ICS) requires knowledge, collaboration, evidence and a robust feedback process. hivve can support you with international experience in delivering world-leading ICS, together with technology that streamlines the entire review process and enables evidence to be quickly associated, letting your team generate better results quicker.

hivve products for Impact Case Studies:

Case Study:
Impact Case Studies for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

CAPTURING Data & Evidence

Collecting impact data and evidence as you go is vital for showcasing the impact that matters to you – and avoiding last-minute rushes gathering retrospective data before assessment deadlines. evidencevault and impacttracker have helped institutions worldwide securely capture impact data and evidence since 2014; trackimpact lets you upload proof of your claims to a global stage.

hivve products for data & evidence capture:

Case Study:
Centralised impact evidence capture for Brunel University London


Your institution needs to showcase its impact as widely as possible – but it is very labour-intensive to collate your information and then format and input this into all sorts of portals or reports. Our products readily export your impact data to numerous formats, such as national assessments or the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings, making the most of your existing work.

hivve products for publishing & reporting:

Case Study: for Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)

Developing SDGs & Impact Culture

Cultural shift is challenging in complex and fast-paced research environments, but essential in helping your team embed a focus on impact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their daily activities. impactacademy provides your team the skills they need for managing impact, impacttracker streamlines the process, and trackimpact aligns your work to the SDGs.

hivve products for SDGs & impact culture:

Case Study:
Developing Impact Culture at Staffordshire University

Lasting Impact Partnership

We have worked with the Times Higher Education (THE) since 2018, providing the methodology for the annual Impact Rankings, which now grow at 30% year-on-year. Each year we support the announcement of the rankings.

Learn more:


Analysing Research Impact in Higher Education

Collecting Research Impact evidence

This report – in conjunction with HEFCE (now part of UKRI) and Digital Science – examines best practice in gathering research impact evidence, with specific reference to the UK’s national assessment, the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

RAE 2020 Research Analysis

We undertook this analysis with partners in Hong Kong, examining various factors and avenues around the sorts of research impact featuring in the Hong Kong universities that were assessed by the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2020.

ImpactTracker is one of a kind.

It is a key tool to help you monitor impact over a long period of time. Vertigo Ventures are also a great company to work wit

Ellen Nicholson

Coordinator Social Action & Research Centre, Anglicare Tasmania

Both our central team and departmental administrators have been using VV-Impact Tracker successfully to capture impact data and develop impact case studies. I have used the tool to train academics about the impact in general and they find it very helpful and instructive due to its well-developed structure.


Coordinator Social Action & Research Centre, Anglicare Tasmania

VV’s ImpactTracker platform has allowed me to save vital evidence to clearly demonstrate the impact of the project, and, it has also helped me to map out and assess the nature of that impact in terms of stakeholders. Had it not been available to me when the project began, I doubt I would be in such a strong position now.


Coordinator Social Action & Research Centre, Anglicare Tasmania

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