Vertigo Ventures’ Brand Identity Refresh

Jan 22, 2019 | News, newsletter, Press Releases


We are excited to formalise a project we have been working on for several months now! We see this as the next step towards improving all aspects of the business and achieving our company vision. This identity refresh project was also a good opportunity to rethink the way we communicate our brand both internally and to our clients. While we will be rolling out the new brand slowly over the next few months (across our website, software etc.), we wanted to share with you an outline of our thinking, and the new logo.

To see this in action, and for an overview of Vertigo Ventures please download our latest company profile.


Our aim is to become the leading global provider of impact reporting software & services in the academic, corporate and non-profit sectors where impact is key. To do this we will enable impact data identification and recording capabilities within our partner organisations which will allow them to make more informed investment decisions and help them build better business cases.

At the very heart of our beliefs, we place great importance on enabling the measurement of impact and the ability to integrate that information into decision making. We are truly committed to the idea that doing this will have an overall effect on improving the sustainability of our planet.

“Impact reporting for a sustainable world”.


Alongside the brand refresh project we have also refined our brand values. Although we are more than “impact, expertise and partnership”, we believe these are the three pillars of our service offerings and reflect the goals we have as an organisation.

We recognise that your success is dependent on the impact you have. At our core we are passionate about your sustainability and helping you to get the results you need. We lead discussions about impact and help you to embed, track and report it. We are all about making it easier for you.


We have pioneered and innovated with confidence leveraging a decade of practical experience across sectors. We continuously apply this knowledge and experience to bring you a suite of products to support you with impact reporting.


We will partner with you to provide support and encouragement for your impact journey. We recognise that actively listening to what you need, helps us to help you. Ultimately, this will maximize the impact you deliver.


Our existing brand assets are now over 10 years old so we believe it’s time to refresh and refine what we have to improve the way we look, sound and act as a brand. A goal of this undertaking is to more closely align with both the current and future trends but also take advantage of more up to date design technologies. In this we see a great opportunity to improve the aspirational and professional appreciation of our brand across sectors.

To enact this change we have undergone a lengthy and involved process to reaffirm the brand identity assets (logo, colour pallet, approach to copywriting, fonts and visual frameworks) and have updated key collateral to facilitate a consistent transition. As an organisation, transitioning to this refreshed approach is integral to affording us more time to focus our energy on the things that matter: clients, innovation and our company culture.

View the before and after transformation side by side.


As we grow we need to allow space for expanding our product range, and by communicating this in a consistent way with the master brand we will ensure value feeds back to the rest of the organisation, but also avoid any confusion about who supports and powers these products and sub-brands.

The first example is the VV-Impact Tracker logo which utilises the master brand hallmark and an extended colour pallet. The second is VV-Impact Academy which encompasses all our training and consultancy services.